Cleanings & Gum Treatments

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How to Know What Type of Cleaning You Need

A comprehensive evaluation of your teeth and gums is the first step to classifying the type of cleaning that you need.

Ready to schedule an evaluation of your teeth and gums?

Healthy (Prophy Prophylaxis)

Gums Have Healthy Color
Gums Hug Teeth Tightly
No Bleeding


Gums Bleed Easily During Brushing & Flossing
Possible Bad Breath
Gums May Look Bluish-Red in Color with Plaque Present

Moderate Periodontitis (Scaling and Root Planing)

Teeth Look Longer as Gums Recede
Bad Breath & Bad Taste, Build-Up Present
Pockets of 4-6 mm Around Several Teeth

Advanced Periodontitis

Teeth May Become Loose
Constant Bad Breath & Bad Taste
Pockets 6 mm and Above (Bone Loss)